It's Been a Hard Days Night

After solid workouts to start off my mornings, the majority of both my Saturday and Sunday was spent studying. So much reading to do before midterms next week!

Highlights of my weekend were definitely the great study snacks! Saturday, while studying at a library in the city called the Oblate (which casually overlooked the Duomo) I took a break from my studies to find lunch. I stumbled upon a small place called "Love Life" which drew me in with its chic look and fresh food. Here I found smoothies, a salad bar, yogurt parfaits, and hearty soups. Can you say my heaven?! After weighing my options I decided on a smoothie with almond milk, yogurt, banana, and honey, topped with granola. It was so satisfying and refreshing. I make smoothies at home and absolutely love them. This turned out to be a great study break. Can't wait to come back to love life soon!

After studying at the Villa Rossa all day Saturday, Maria and I, decided to go to apertivo for a light dinner. Everyday on our way home from school we pass by the cutest little restaurant and always say we're going to go there for a glass of wine one night. Tonight was the night! It was a glass of rose for Maria and Chianti red for me. Their apertivo selection was much smaller than the one I went to last time, but was the perfect nibble food with our wine. With quaint decor and a cozy atmosphere, it was a great way to relax after long day of studying.

Sunday night’s dinner was also a highlight of the weekend. We had pasta e fagioli - a hearty bean soup very popular in Italy and one of my favorite dishes here! Unfortunately it preceded a late night studying for my history and family and gender midterms. It's going to be a hard week!