Although I am a nutrition major, I will not be taking any nutrition classes while I’m abroad, for no nutrition classes are offered here in the Spring semester. Instead, I will be fulfilling two social science requirements for my core curriculum by taking a history course: “Italy since 1870” and a women and gender studies course: “Family and Gender in Contemporary Italy”. My history course will explore the history of Italian society from the unification of the country to the present, and my women’s and gender studies course will aim to explain the role of family in Italy through critique of film and discussion.

An Italian language course is mandatory for all students in the Syracuse University Florence abroad program. Some may opt to advanced classes, or even Italian language classes at the University of Florence, but for those of us who learned their first Italian word on this trip, beginning Italian is the place to start. Although language is not my strong suit, this will help me enormously when conversing with my host family, and making my way through Italy.

No classes are offered on Fridays to allow students time to travel on the weekends. A very nice program feature! As apparent, I am only enrolled in three classes (12 credits) which is the minimum requirement. I plan on taking my extra time this semester to travel, get to know Florence, immerse myself in the Italian culture, volunteer and take advantage of as many opportunities possible! This semester will be very different for me. Not only am I taking far less credits (I usually take the maximum of 18) but I will be studying liberal arts as opposed to the usual science courses. I will try my best to be attentive and broaden my horizons!