Guest Post: A Growing Addiction

After a lovely outing with my sister, Laura, I thought it'd be better to here about it from her -

It has long been known that I hate coffee.  I didn’t like coffee ice cream, coffee candy, coffee anything.  Ellen, the coffee connoisseur that she is, was not satisfied with this answer.  Slowly but surely she has broken me down. It started slowly, but now I think I can officially say: I, Laura Bobich, like coffee.  When I was visiting Ellen in Florence, she took full advantage of my growing addiction.  We snuck away to a cafĂ© down the street from the hotel while the parents were “resting their eyes” for a little while. I don’t know what was better: the coffee or the chance to escape my dad’s snoring. Ellen and I enjoyed a great cappuccino and got to catch up on each other’s lives that we have missed.  It was the perfect addition to our already wonderful day. 

Throughout the day we hit all the tourist sites, including Ponte Vecchio and Santa Croce.  Apart from the wonderful coffee, my favorite part of the day was the Boboli Gardens.  They were gorgeous! It also helped that it was a beautiful day – by far the best weather of the trip. We explored the grounds of the Medici’s gardens and got a great view of the city.  I loved the sights but I especially loved being able to share a lovely cup of coffee with my favorite sister!