Pats Fan for the Night

Again expecting to be in Rome, I had no plans, turning today into a lazy Sunday. I did homework and looked into travel options most of the day, but made sure to fit in a short nap in the afternoon. I needed all the rest I could get in order to stay up late for…Super Bowl Sunday! Although the game’s on at a reasonable time in the states, kick-off was at 12:30am here. Every American in town (as far as I could tell) was planning on going to an American bar where the game was broadcasted on two large projectors. Although I’m neither a huge fan of the Giants or the Patriots, nor a huge follower of football in general, I knew it would be a good time so I made plans with friends to go.

Before my roommate (a huge Pats fan) headed out to watch the game, we enjoyed another delicious meal a la Cristina. We had brown rice risotto with shrimp and mussels for our first course, which I think was one of my favorite dishes yet. Cristina was just explaining to me the other day that she and Marco had gone to see a “diet doctor” that told them to switch to whole grains – I could have told them that! Seeing as my host parents are trying to be conscious of their health works out well for me, being a health aficionado myself. The rest of the meal included artichokes, zucchini, and eggplant followed by a custard dessert very similar to flan. Whole grains and veggies cancel out dessert right?

As my host parents were heading to bed, their girls were heading out. I must say I was tempted to follow my host parents’ lead but was happy to get some energy when arriving at the bar – which turned out to be a great time. Everyone was yelling at the screen and cheering on their team. There are some hardcore fans! It was the perfect sports bar environment for a football game. I decided to be a Pats fan for the night. I called it quits after falling asleep at the table, and found out the winner in the morning. As much as I try to be a normal college student, I’d much rather get a good night’s sleep.

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