Back in High School

Today was another long day of school. Even though I am exhausted by the end of each day, I am really enjoying the Villa Rosa. The school is so small it reminds me of being back in high school. It’s made up of two buildings in which we have all of our classes, separated by a quaint courtyard. I have a lot of the same people in my classes and I feel that I will know everyone in the program by the end of the semester. I run into friends all the time, and we love to get a cappuccino and snack at the school cafĂ© between classes, or head out to nearby shops to get a Panini for lunch. It’s such a cozy atmosphere.

Today the stress (and excitement) of trip planning began, as everyone is rushing, trying to figure out where they want to travel, and how get the best price. There are lots of school sponsored field trips to different parts of Italy that we all want to take advantage of as they are free to students (or rather included in our course fee). Hopefully some travel plans will come together soon. As we look at our calendars we all are finding out the same thing…there are not enough weekends in the semester! There are too many new places that we want to experience.

Dinner tonight was pesto pasta, a Greek vegetable frittata, and oranges for dessert. Delish as always!

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