Inspiration in Coffee Shops

Today in art class my professor critiqued our previous work, gave us a few pointers, and sent us back out into world to create another drawing. After finding nothing inspiring enough to draw on the school grounds, I ventured up and down streets until I stumbled upon a café. There I set up shop, got a cup of tea, and immersed myself in my artwork. It was the highlight of my day.

After my day of classes, I walked into the house to the smells of a delicious dinner on its way. Tonight I tried pasta-less ravioli, made with ricotta, flour, and beet greens. I have never heard of it before but it was sure delicious! I thought I was eating spinach ravioli until my host mom explained. Also with dinner was fish, lettuce, and fruit salad. The meal concluded with Cristina asking my roommate and me, “Gelato?” Ali and I looked at each other with exhilaration and we all enjoyed ice cream cones around the dinner table as Cristina told us about her day.

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