Packed and Ready or Not

It's departure day and my bags are packed!

I am taking the Syracuse University Program group flight from SFO, where I will be joined by 8 other west-coasters headed to Florence for the semester. We depart for Paris at 3:40pm, although I will be arriving at the airport 4 hours in adavance as suggested by our abroad advisors. After many hours of travel I will be arriving in Florence at 3:10pm tomorrow, where I will be greeted by a few days of orientation and a hotel stay.

I must say it a little nerve wrecking headed to a foreign country not knowing where I am living, how to speak the language, or what classes I will be taking! Hopefully my worries will be eased during orientation where we find out our host family assignments, register for classes, and hopefully learn a few basic Italian phrases.

Ready or not, Florence here I come!

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