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Yesterday (Friday January 13) began with registering for classes. While here in Florence, I will be taking Italian, two Italian history classes I need for my core requirements, and drawing course. I am specifically excited about the art course because we will be going to a different location each week to draw! Classes start on Monday.

During some free time in the afternoon some friends and I did
some exploring through the nearby streets to school. The streets of Florence are so beautiful!

We found a Panini shop for lunch… salmon, ricotta, tomato, and arugula for me!

After some time getting to know the area I headed home to find my host mother making homemade pasta at the kitchen table. Here, every dinner is completely homemade, and usually at least three courses! We had fresh pasta with eggplant to start, then salad, baked eggplant and fish for the main course, and then fruit for dessert. I picked out a delicious organic apple. Dinner is always an enjoyable time where we all sit down together, talk about our days, learn more about each other and enjoy some delicious food. I get to practice my (nonexistent) Italian and they try to teach me new words. Dinner usually starts late (around 7:30) and last for at least an hour.

After dinner, Cristina, my host mother, brought out a journal for us to look through. In the journal were writings from all of the students who have lived with Marco and her in past years. They dated back to 1991! Although most were written in Italian, the few that we could read spoke wonders of Cristina and Marco and their host family experience. The students came from all over the states as well as a few other countries. Cristina says she still keeps in touch with many of the students she has gotten to know over the years. It so incredible so read how this family had touched so many students’ lives. Students just like me.

The journal was very touching and I look forward to writing a lovely note in it at the end of my homestay. It was a lovely way to end an enjoyable dinner and another great day in Florence.

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