Change of Plans

Spring break is here and I am off to Ireland for a full week with two of my good friends and future roommates, Claire and Tiffany. I am so excited for some beautiful scenery, some relaxation, and great times in Ireland with the roomies!

My day started at 2:30am! We had to catch the bus to Pisa at 3:40am to make our plane to London departing at 6:30am, to arrive in Cork by mid morning - at least that was the plan. What was supposed to be a smooth travel day turned into over 19 hours of tiring, stressful itinerary changes.

We arrived in Pisa at 5:00am to find our flight had been delayed for 6 hours due to fog! With that delay, we subsequently missed our connecting flight, were forced to pay expensive fees, and had to catch the only other flight to cork that day... which didn’t depart until 8:15 that night. Needless to say we were all very annoyed, stressed, and exhausted by the time we arrived at our hostel in Cork late that night.

The only thing that brightened my travel day was the Starbucks we found in the London Stanstead airport - they even accepted my Starbucks gold card! To go with our pick-me-up coffees, we all enjoyed "love bars" which was an oaty granola bar topped with caramel, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Despite being a wonderful treat, it sadly could not entirely make up for our crummy travel day.

Instead of having almost a full day to explore Cork as we had planned, we arrived at our hostel late that night, were all exhausted and went straight to bed - what a day! Although off to a rocky start, I am hoping our Ireland vacation does not continue on this bad note.

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  1. Wow, Ellen! Your Starbucks gold card worked in London. Cool. You must have loved the Love Bar. It reminds me of the granola bars that you have made. Are they British? Can you find them in the US?