Midterms are over, I'm done!! After three exams, two of which were all essay questions, my hand is cramping and I am beat! I'm so glad it's all over.

When I wasn't cramming for my tests today, I was helping out, cooking and enjoying a meal with the homeless at sharing Thursday. Today I was able to learn how to make and help prepare pasta e fagioli to serve in the piazza for lunch. Pasta e fagioli is a traditional Tuscan bean soup make with cannellini beans and some type of small pasta such as ditalini. It is one of my favorites as far as Tuscan dishes go – so glad I was able to snag a recipe!

After sharing Thursday and three exams, I was beat! But I couldn’t flop on my bed and call it a night too early, for spring break starts tomorrow and I have to pack for a most exciting trip. Wake up call at 2:30am tomorrow to catch my flight…

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