Au Revoir Paris

With a great weekend under our belts, Maria, Anna, and I had most of the morning to say goodbye to Paris before departing for Florence. We checked out of hotel and walked towards the Louvre on a beautiful street. The street was lined with five star hotels and many expensive stores, such Dior and Louis Vuitton. So this is where Paris shopping takes place! We did some window shopping, before approaching a large park right next to the Louvre called the Louvre gardens. There were so many people out for a run, playing soccer, or taking a walk. It was wonderful to see!

After lots of crepes and sweets over the weekend, all of our stomachs were in need of something healthy for lunch. We were lucky enough to find a restaurant with nice big salads on the menu. To stick with the French theme I opted for the nicoise salad. All the vegetables tasted great and were much needed.

With the time we had left in Paris, we did some more walking, experiencing the city in my favorite way – just taking it in, and observing the people and things around me. We then made our way to the train station to catch the bus to the airport. The metro proved very convenient and very easy to use. Before hopping on the bus we were all in need of a little sweet fix. So glad my friends have a sweet tooth like me! We stopped for hot chocolate near the train station, and I picked up a coffee macaroon for the bus ride!

When I wasn’t sleeping or writing post cards on our four legs of travel, Anna, Maria and I reminisced about our great weekend in Paris. We shared so many laughs and a wonderful first weekend trip of the semester. However, as much as we all enjoyed Paris, we were all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds that night back in Florence.

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