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All week, classmates of mine have been talking about the chocolate festival in Florence! Some raved about it and others couldn’t wait for their chance to go. The “Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale” (Artisan Chocolate Fair) is in Florence from February 10 to the 19. After my classes on Wednesday, February 15, a friend and I headed to the chocolate festival to see what all the hype was about and hopefully taste some delicious chocolate!

There were about twenty different chocolate venders in the Piazza della Repubblica when we arrived. They all had vast displays of their finest chocolates. Some sold truffles, other sold chocolate dipped dried fruit, and some had just about anything you could imagine made in chocolate! There were also chocolate dipped waffles to buy, chocolate covered fruit kabobs and hot chocolate. Basically anything you could think of covered in chocolate.

All of the venders were very nice about offering free samples – I’m so glad I learned how to say “can I try?” in Italian! I tried some interesting concoctions such as melon infused chocolate, a chocolate covered lime, and a bite of my friends white hot chocolate. I think my favorite item I tried was a white chocolate bar packed with dried cranberries. So flavorful!

I ended up buying some chocolate covered coffee beans (one of my favorites) and three chocolate truffles: a coconut, a coffee, and a pistachio. After getting my chocolate fill through all the sampling, I saved my purchases for later in the week. As much as I loved sampling the chocolate, I think my favorite part of the festival was walking around and seeing all the creative spins on everything chocolate. There were some innovative flavor combinations out there! Who knows, maybe I’ll have make it back there later this week!

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  1. Hmmm...
    Maybe "Healthy Mondays" and "Chocolate Fridays"!
    Just a thought.