Take Two

Today was our second Healthy Monday! I am happy to see that the program is running smoothly and it is being well accepted by both students and faculty. When walking through the halls, a faculty member told me she enjoyed the newsletter and encouraged me to keep up the good work. When a student put my face to the name on the bottom of all the Healthy Monday emails, she said how much she likes the program at Syracuse and thanked me for bringing the program to Florence. One day as my teacher was calling roll she said, “Ellen Bobich?…You started Healthy Mondays didn’t you?...Bravissima!” All the encouragement, excitement, and involvement is reassuring and lets me know all my hard work is for the better J

Our new poster thanks to the art department.

Today’s events started with a free fruit table outside the cafĂ©, where everyone was glad to grab an apple, blood orange, or Clementine. I sat at the table working on my newsletter, freezing, as I don’t think the heat was working too well this morning. Sergio, the owner of the bar and provider of the fruit every Monday, was nice enough to offer me a free cappuccino! I was very appreciative. I held it in my hands until my fingers were warm enough to type again!

As many of the students have been getting sick lately, I themed this week’s newsletter on “keeping your immune system at its best”.

For tonight’s “Move-it Monday” class, we all tried something new: Capoeira. Capoeira is mix between Brazilian dance and martial arts. We had an authentic Capoeira teacher and some of his students come teach the class – entirely in Italian! Luckily we were all able to get the hang of it. The teacher taught not only some of the moves, but the history and culture of capoeira. He even brought out a Brazilian instrument and started singing at one point! I must say it was more of a cultural experience than a work-out but fun all the same.

After traveling all weekend, and getting in late last night, the long day today was exhausting! After fish and salad for dinner at home, I called it an early night.

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