Deprived Coffee Connoisseur

Today my Italian professor asked our class what the first thing we were going to do when we got home. I replied almost immediately, “Bevo un bicchiere di caffe Americano grande!” (I am going to drink a big cup of American coffee)

 Although Italian coffee is suppose to be great, I am not a fan. Coffee here is very strong and thick and served in a little shot glass – how am I supposed to savor that? I tried drinking it plain a couple times but its strength is too much for my stomach and literally makes me sick!

Cappuccinos (equal parts coffee, milk, and foam) were great for a while, but in opinion they have flaws. First of all they are so small. Two sips and there’s only foam left in my cup. Second, they are not hot enough. I like my coffee piping hot. I have been known to burn my tongue multiple times a day back at school. But here, the coffee is served luke-warm. And third, they are not fat-free, low-cal, or healthy. I now have to think of a cappuccino as a “snack” as opposed to my less than 50 calorie cup of coffee at home.

That being said, my host mother does make a mean cappuccino, and I drink one every morning. It is the best cappuccino I’ve had in Italy, served fresh every morning in the largest cup I’ve seen here (but that’s not saying much). When I asked her if we could have nonfat milk in our cappuccinos she replied, “That stuff is like water” – I guess that’s a no?

Oh dear large mug of American coffee with sugar-free hazelnut creamer, wait for me. I will come back for you. With love and adoration, a deprived coffee connoisseur.

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