Hum Drum

While other people hit up the school bar, or grab a Panini for lunch, I bring mine from home. I usually pack a piece of fruit, a yogurt, some bran cereal, and maybe a granola bar or sometimes I’ll make oatmeal in the microwave at school – exciting right? While it doesn’t sound that great to most it keeps me going, and happy. Lunch is the one meal I have full control over, meaning I can resume my usual eating habits and eat light and healthy.

Today, however, March 28, I was about to break out my super-cool Syracuse lunch bag when I got a call from Maria: “Meet me in the center for lunch!” I happily put my yogurt aside to head to the center.

A smoothie from “Love Life” consumed next to the Duomo while soaking up the sun with Maria was a lovely change to my hum drum lunchtime routine J

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