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In college, Sundays are “work days”. At school, this means spending hours at the Library doing homework before classes begin on Monday, and time goes out the window. In Florence, however, I don’t find myself having an overwhelming amount of schoolwork. Instead Sunday “work days” have become “blog days” – my independent study project if you will.

As many other abroad students do, I started this blog when I came abroad not only as a way to share my experiences with family and friends but as a way to document my time abroad. My blog is more for me than for anyone else for I can look back on each post and read about details of my trips I can no longer recall from memory.

Although I know I will be thankful I documented my semester from years to come, I must say it is a lot if work! The commitment to posting everyday is definitely a large undertaking, and I often find myself spending more time blogging than doing school work. (Don’t worry my grades are not suffering). Although I know I do not NEED to post everyday, there are small details of my everyday life here in Italy that I want to remember and cherish forever – like the three course dinners every night, the afternoon runs along the river, or the time spent with new friends.

No matter how much work it takes, I am happy to be blogging my way through Europe

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