Rotisserie Pastry

Our hostel in Prague proved to be very nice and even provided breakfast in the morning! Maria and I both fixed ourselves big bowls of yogurt with granola, coffee, and cheese and jam sandwiches to bring with us for later.

After breakfast we headed to our first site of the day, Prague castle which is the biggest castle in the world! The castle sits on top of a hill making it visible from miles away. Once we got up there, we found the vast castle quarters which were made up of a series of buildings. We spent some good time looking at the church (which we both agreed looks just like Notre Dame), and popping into different buildings on the premises. The gothic architecture was incredible and the buildings were like nothing I had ever seen before.

Traveling makes us both tired so we were soon in need of some down time. We decided we should get some traditional Czech food so we headed to a good looking restaurant. Unfortunately Prague is not very vegetarian friendly. One of the signature dishes here is beef goulash with potato dumplings. Trying to order something traditional while evading meat I ordered the "traditional garlic soup with brie" thinking I’d be safe, but it had bacon in it! I also ordered some of the potato dumplings which basically had no flavor without the beef goulash. Although my soup was good after I picked out the bacon, I guess you can say Czech food is not my favorite.

After relaxing at the restaurant, fueling up, and getting warm we headed out to see our final site - the Charles Bridge. The sun came out for us just as began to stroll across the bridge, enjoying the most gorgeous view of the river. There were so many people walking across the bridge, it was just a wonderful place to be. It was quite possibly my favorite part of Prague!

Before it was time to head to the airport we had our minds... or rather our stomachs... set on one last stop before we left. The day before in old town square we saw the most amazing looking tradition Czech sweets called “Trdelnik”. There were many stands making the hot sugary coated pastry by wrapping dough around a metal cylinder, rolling it in sugar, and cooking the dough over an open fire like a rotisserie chicken.


 We had to get one! So we got our treats and brought them to have with our American coffee at the ever beloved ... Starbucks!

After my last sip of American coffee, before my last month in Italy without it, we headed to airport to catch our flight. Unfortunately by that time we were both feeling quite sick. It could have been something we ate, the coffee or a bug but whatever it was it made the next 6 hours of travel miserable. While waiting for our flight, we both decided this may be our last weekend trip as we are over traveling. As cool as it is to experience new countries, it takes a heavy toll on the body and we are exhausted. The flight home may have been our last until its back to the States. We only have 3 weeks left before our April 26th depature!


  1. Great pictures, and great description of a city I do not know. The castle and the dessert sound great. The stomach bug? Not so much.

  2. Those pastries look so awesome. I'd like one right now. So sorry you got so sick, but at least your host mom was so loving and caring.