Something Good This Way Comes...

Today, April 4, was a day filled with anticipation as my parents and sister are arriving in Florence tonight! I have long awaited their arrival in Italy as they had their flight reserved before I was even admitted to the study abroad program. Although I am normally away from my family for the whole semester when I am school, I have especially missed them this semester while abroad. Living with a host family provides a home environment, and while I love this aspect, it makes me feel like I am at home but it’s missing one crucial aspect – my actual family. Because of this, some days I want to be home more than ever. Despite how much I am enjoying Italy, some days I miss the comforts of America and the company of my family. It will be so nice to finally see them! (Can they take me back in their suitcase?) 

Dinner was eaten faster than normal as I am eager to meet my family at their hotel tonight. I am so excited to show them around my life here in Florence and spend some quality time together as a family.

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