Clean Sheets

It was to school for me on Monday. After a long day of classes and homework, I arrived home to find fresh, clean sheets on my bed! After being used to doing all my shores on my own while I’m at school it so nice to be taken care of by my host family. My host mother does the laundry for us, prepares delicious meals every night, doesn’t let us help with the dishes, and even gives us clean sheets after only being here a week. What a life!

Ali and I share a room here in the Brandigi home, and also share a bathroom. The living arrangements are great, as Ali and I get along very well and enjoy each others company. We have plenty of closet space, a small desk, and each have a twin bed. I must say my bed it so comfortable! Although the house is sometimes cold, my comforter keeps me at the perfect temperature every night.


After coming home to a clean room, I set out on a run around the nearby soccer stadium. It was lovely as many people were out for a run, or on their bikes. Soon after I returned dinner was served. Tonight started with one of my favorites, minestrone soup. This version had collard greens, beans, and bread right in the soup. We were then served sautéed fish and tomato slices with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The meal was fresh, delicious and packed with vegetables just how I like it. We all finished the tiramisu for dessert.

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  1. kitte bobich1/24/12, 7:18 PM

    Your room looks so nice. Your host mother is a fantastic cook and cleans up after you... .... you may never come home. So glad you are being taken care of. Love you!