The Tiramisu Dilemma

After two days of day trips, I was ready for a relaxed Sunday. I slept in until 9:30am which felt glorious after getting up before the sun for my day trips this weekend. My roommate and I awoke to breakfast on the table waking for us… its nice to have a host family!

Breakfast was followed a lovely run around my neighborhood. Later I met with friends to go shopping in the city center. We all had difficulties packing when coming here and needed a few alterations to our wardrobe. Before we knew it, it was 4’o’clock and I needed to head home as my host mother had offered to show Ali and I how to make tiramisu! I did not want to be late for this.

We all headed towards home, walking quickly, but were pressed for time so we decided to take the bus to cut down on the travel time. This was my first time taking the bus, and maybe the last. As my friend and I got on the bus we double checked with the driver that it was going the right place. Unfortunately, it was not going the right way. Maria and I rode the bus for an entire hour as it went its full route to finally arrive at our stop – a trip that would’ve taken a mere five minutes had we gotten on the right way. We were tired, and hungry and miserable the whole way, kicking ourselves for getting on the wrong way.

When I finally arrived home, an hour late for my tiramisu lesson with Cristina, I felt so bad and apologized again and again. Luckily, she was very nice about it and said she was more sorry for me because I rode the bus for an hour. I was able to catch the tail end of her making tiramisu, but she said she would show me next time.

Dinner tonight, merely the precursor to the dessert to come, started with bell peppers sautéed in vinegar and sugar which were surprisingly delicious. Then we had lasagna! A different lasagna than I’ve ever tasted with different types of cheese, onions, and artichokes. And then of course was the tiramisu for dessert. My first time trying it! What better way than homemade by an authentic Italian cook? I had missed my homemade dinners over the weekend and this dinner was the perfect meal to come back to.

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