Cenci and Cappuccinos

Today, after buying rice pudding instead of Greek yogurt for lunch (my Italian isn’t very good yet) I headed to the city center because my history class was meeting at a café! I love being able to take learning outside the classroom and go on site visits. It’s so much more fun this way!

We went to a café called the red jacket. My professor informed us that many Italian government officials met in the back room of this very café when discussing the need for a leader of their country back in the 1860s. After a short lecture, our professor encouraged us to talk and get to know other people in our class, for we are a community just as the newly unified Italy was a community. We all enjoyed a free drink at the café while talking amongst ourselves for the next hour. I’ll take a free cappuccino any day!

Upon returning home after classes I headed out for a run. I have really been enjoying my runs this week for not only do they feel great after all the Italian food I have been eating, but they give me time alone with my thoughts as I explore my new environment.

I came home just in time for dinner. Tonight Ali’s friend from school, Julie, was visiting from London where she is studying abroad. My host parents were happy to invite her over for dinner. On tonight’s menu was pumpkin ravioli, salmon, salad, and fresh tomatoes. For dessert, Cristina made homemade cookies called “cenci” which are fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are very similar to the Croatian dessert I have had before. These were served with a dessert wine that is meant for dipping the cookies. Although I was not a huge fan of the very strong wine, the cookies slowly disappeared as Ali, Julie and I sat around the table.

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