Today’s Healthy Monday was INSANE!

During fruit tabling, we offered and INSANE variety of fruit today in the Limonaia – apples, oranges, clementines, pears and bananas. Apparently people are bananas for the bananas because they were the first to go!

It was INSANE how many nice compliments I got on my newsletter this week. It’s so nice to hear that people enjoy the weekly nutrition information in their email inbox. This week’s newsletter informed students how to keep their digestive systems at their best in the midst of travel. Although slightly invasive, I thought the topic was extremely practical, applicable, and useful to everyone.

I got an INSANE amount of work done between classes! Newsletter proofing, blog post writing, class reading…check, check, check!

Today’s Move it Monday class was an INSANEly tough workout. It was actually called an “Insanity workout”. A student approached me the other week with the idea of leading the class through a DVD workout – I thought it was a great idea! The “insanity workout” DVDs are similar to P90X DVDs (often seen on infomercials). Julie Guempel led us through an intense interval workout, and It. Was. Hard. It felt so good though and I absolutely loved it! Many thanks to Julie for the great idea for Move it Monday and sharing her DVDs with us!


To finish off the day, I enjoyed an INSANEly good dinner: fried polenta with gorgonzola, salad, sliced tomatoes, cooked artichokes, and a small scoop of stracciatella gelato for dessert. Unfortunately all the food left me feeling INSANEly full…

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  1. INSANEly fun update! I felt the energy throughout!