The Most Magical Place on Earth?

After a good night of sleep, I woke up on Friday, February 17, ready to go to VENICE FOR CARNIVAL! In the morning, I took the responsibility of mapping out the bus route, train routes, and walking directions so that Anna, Maria and I would make it smoothly to our hostel in Venice that night – my dad would be so proud on my improvement with directions! After the three hour train ride to Venice, we quickly checked into our hostel, as we were eager to see the sights of the ever unique Italian city.

Embarking on the streets of Venice during their famous Carnival felt like I was at Disneyland! With quaint shops, decorative lights, the smell of pastries, tons of people, and butterflies of excitement in my belly, it felt as if I was walking down
Main Street
. The streets were crowded with people wearing beautifully crafted masks and some were even in lavish costumes, willing to take pictures with anyone passing by – just like all the Disney characters. People enjoyed the carnival with their kids, loved ones, or friends – it was a family event!

After walking through the streets of Venice for a while, taking in all the sites, we were ready for dinner. On our journey from our hostel, we had seen a sign for “Pasta e fagioli” in the window of a restaurant, so we decided to try and find our way back to enjoy some deliciously hearty soup. We were lucky to find a table, as the quaint restaurant was small and full of people enjoying a glass of wine or hors d'oeuvres at the bar. We all ordered the same thing. With a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of salt the soup was good, although I could’ve gone for more beans and less pasta…but that’s probably always the case.

We made sure to get a good night’s sleep our first night as we knew we’d have a long day ahead of us on Saturday…

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