Martedi Grasso

After a long day of preparing for midterms in my classes today, Tuesday, February 21, I was in the need of some relaxation. Although it may not be relaxing for most people, running is exactly what I needed – my perfect de-stressor. I set out on a run, just me, my thoughts and my music, careful not to get lost this time. I ended up getting lost in my thoughts instead (I’d say a safer alternative) and ended up covering 5 miles!

I was home and showered just in time for a special Fat Tuesday dinner! The night before, Christina asked us if we had any requests for dinner tonight in honor of the gluttonous holiday. We gave her some suggestions and the menu ended up being vegetable soup with gnocchi for our first course (which sounds better than it actually was), salmon and salad for the main course, and homemade cenci and strawberries for dessert. The strawberries were the perfect dessert and my favorite part! I will have to get her cenci recipe to bring home with me…

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  1. Ellen, What are cenci? It looks like fried pasta dough with powdered sugar.