Sharing Thursday

Last Monday, while I was sitting at the Healthy Monday table handing out fruit, one of the faculty members approached me with an idea while picking up her piece of free fruit. Vittoria Tettamanti is an Italian professor, the head of the volunteer program here, and very helpful to all of our Healthy Monday efforts. She asked if she could use the left over fruit from Healthy Monday’s tabling for her new “Sharing Thursday” where students prepare and share a meal with the homeless during lunch time every Thursday. Of course I thought it was a great idea and was interested in getting involved. What better way to use our extra fruit!

So today, Thursday, February 23, I helped Vittoria set up the lunch in Piazza Savonarola, which is right in front of our school building. We served pasta with marinara for lunch along the leftover fruit, tea and biscotti. Everyone was so gracious and thankful for the delicious food. The man that helped Vittoria run the program kept saying to all of the volunteers, “Thank you for loving Florence!” I am so glad my efforts for Healthy Monday brought me more opportunities like this. It was fun serving, talking with everyone, and sharing a meal. I think I will definitely make “Sharing Thursdays” a habit every week!

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  1. Good job Ellen! You're making such a difference! Applying yourself in a new culture is not necessarily easy but you make it seemless :) Love ya!