Sun Kissed Delight

Knowing we wouldn't be traveling this weekend, Maria and I wanted to at least go on a day trip. After looking at our options, we decided a trip to the beach was the most enticing. Viareggio it was!

Being a beach town of the Western coast of Italy, Viareggio is a Simple 90 minute train ride from Florence. We were up early this morning to catch a train to be in Viareggio by lunch time. It was another yogurt picnic lunch, but this time on the beach! With sun on my skin, my toes in the sand, and nothing but blue sea and sail boats in the distance, I’d say I was enjoying my day at the beach. Although it was warm enough to work on our tans for a little bit, the cool breezes forced our jackets make an early appearance.

After some napping and reading on the beach, and walking up and down the boardwalk a couple times all while soaking up the sun, it was time to head home. This day trip was not full of tours and museums like others, but chock-full of relaxation – and I loved every minute of it! Upon returning home we were in need of some dinner. Maria had a hankering for pizza and beer – sounded good to me! Upon recommendation from the roomie (Ali), we headed to Mostodolce pizzeria known for their homebrews. Maria and I split a mushroom pizza and veggie calzone and each tried a different specialty beer.

And how did we top off our night? We may or may not have stopped at Badiani on the way home for some of the best gelato in Florence

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  1. How fun to colorize and stylize your beach photos. On those early cold days of the term, you probably thought you would never get to wear those shorts.