Rare Relaxation

Friday, January 27, was a nice and relaxing day for me in Florence. I slept in, went for a run, and enjoyed taking it easy all morning – something I do often at school but haven’t frequented since I’ve been abroad. Upon early afternoon, I headed out to the city center to walk around and grab coffee with my friend Anna. Although we had aspirations to get a Florence museum or landmark out of the way, we ended up catching up at a café for hours after not seeing each other all week. Although not much of Florence was seen, I enjoyed continuing the relaxing note of my morning throughout my day.

 For dinner, I met up with friends Maria and Jess who live down the street from me for pizza Friday! We went to the same pizza place as last Friday, “La Che Pizza”. I think we are becoming regulars.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we found a nearby gelato shop that sells frozen yogurt! Although it’s one of my absolute favorite treats, my mini gelato cup of frozen yogurt wasn’t nearly as satisfying as my large yogurt park yogurt I get back at home. I think I’ll stick to what Italy does best and get gelato next time.

Anna, Jess, Maria, and me :)

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