Coffee Cravings and a Sip of Home

After a run in the morning, I had the rest of the day free so Maria and I set out to do some shopping in the city. Although it was a balmy 28o outside, we walked along the outdoor markets looking through the displays of leather, scarves, and jewelry on our way to San Lorenzo’s market. Maria had wanted some dried fruit after seeing the goods I came home with last week. Not only did we check out the dried fruit stands, but we also stopped by a pastry stand. After sampling some biscotti, we got two muffins to share at a later time – kiwi and chocolate chip Nutella!

We had hoped the indoor market would be an escape from the cold outside but it turned out to be just as cold or possibly even colder! We headed out to find something warm for lunch and so our hunt for soup began. Unfortunately we could not find soup to match small pocketbooks, but we did happen to stumble upon the highlight of my day – AMERICAN COFFEE!

I have been craving a large, hot cup of coffee almost everyday now so finding it was such a treat. Although I love the Italian cappuccinos and lattes, I always left wanting it to be hotter and have more volume. Now that I know where to find coffee, I will definitely be coming back. They even had to-go cups! (Something Italy knows nothing about) We sat in the café and shared our muffins from the market, enjoying every sip of our thoroughly missed luxury from home.

After resting our feet at home for a bit I met up with new friends for dinner at a restaurant a couple blocks from my house. I was glad to see the restaurant was a local Italian hot spot and that there were no tourists to be had. Although the pizzas looked delicious, I got a salad with tomato and mozzarella as I was craving something light and healthy. After dinner, I went out for a casual drink with friends at a local American bar.


  1. So glad you found your American Coffee! I think of you every morning when I make my coffee in our little pot we share when you are home.xo

  2. So lovely. Good coffee is always the best! Yummy salad, too.
    I'm so happy to see you are happy there!