Too Much of a Delicious Thing...

Today, Tuesday January 31, was rainy and cold. Although two of my classes were cancelled because my professor was having an operation, I had no desire to go outside to explore the city. Instead, I stayed on campus most of the day doing homework, planning trips, and catching up with my never ending to-do list.

When Ali and I arrived home from school, Cristina informed us that’s we’d be heading over to Rita’s house for dinner, who lives down the street. Although going back out into the cold and rain was the last thing I wanted to do after walking over a mile home from school, we headed back out into the elements to Rita’s. Here we were greeted with way too much food, just as last time, including pasta, pumpkin lasagna, lentils, pearl onions, and an interesting take on deviled eggs which were filled with tuna. The night was capped with homemade tiramisu, which was the best I’ve had yet in Italy. All was delicious, but just like our last trip to Rita’s, I was again too full by the end of the night.

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