Upon getting ready for school this morning I peered out my window to see a dusting a white over roof tops and cars. There’s snow in Florence! Unlike at Syracuse, Florence is not used to getting snow. Although it was only the smallest amount, all the Florentines were excited and talking about it. Children were taking snow of cars and making snowballs, and teachers were cancelling there classes. However pretty, the frigid temperatures that came with the snow made the walk to school fairly un-enjoyable.

But the cold temperatures did not deter me from setting out on a run! After I came home from school I bundled up and set out on a slow but steady 6 miler, going three times around the stadium.

We had a big group for dinner tonight! My host parent’s daughter and her family shared a meal with us tonight. There were eight of us in all including their daughter’s husband and two daughters Rebecca (10) and Bianca (6). The husband spoke English fairly well so we spent most of our time talking to him. He is in two different bands and was very interested to see how the culture shock was going for us. We spent the night picking out differences between our countries.

Tonight marked the first night where I found something from Cristina’s kitchen not to my liking – a cold tuna fish loaf. However, she redeemed herself with zucchini bread for dessert! Ali had actually converted the family recipe of hers into grams and given it to Cristina. Our host mom prepared it that afternoon with su-chefs Rebecca and Bianca. It was so nice to see my host parents with their grandchildren for I could tell how happy the two girls make them. Makes me miss my own family!

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