Cliffs and Cupcakes

After a great night’s sleep at Molly's, we were up and ready to go to the cliffs of Moher this morning which is about a two hour bus ride from Limerick. Upon planning our trip, Claire, Tiffany and I purchased four day bus passes to travel around Ireland as we knew we'd be hopping around to different Irish cities. This was a great decision, for our bus pass not only made it easy to get around but the buses are a great way to see the gorgeous countryside of Ireland.

The Cliffs were beautiful! We all enjoyed walking along the coast line, snapping photos, and taking in the beautiful scenery around us.

When our stomachs started to grumble, we headed to the small village at the Cliffs of Moher. The “village” consisted of only a handful of shops which were embedded into a hillside. Looked like hobbit houses to me! There we escaped the chilly wind off the sea and found a restaurant with huge windows that overlooked the cliffs. We all enjoyed vegetable soup at a restaurant while sitting by the window overlooking the breath taking scenery. What a wonderful way to enjoy our lunch. All feeling the need for something sweet after lunch, we got cupcakes! I picked out a coffee flavored cupcake – they don't have these treats in Italy!

Our bus picked us up at the perfect time - we had enjoyed the cliffs, it was starting to get chilly, and we were ready to enjoy a relaxing night at Molly's. Before arriving back in limerick, we picked up ingredients to make tortilla pizzas for dinner. Definitely making these in our apartment next year!

After a satisfying dinner we rented “P.s. I Love You” on iTunes and ate delicious honeycomb ice cream on Molly's bed. Because this movie takes place in Ireland, you have to watch it when you're in here! ‘Twas a lovely way to end our day and continue with our relaxing vacation :)

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  1. What outstanding photos of the cliffs, Ellen! Looks like the weather was incredibly sunny to. I never think of these waters being so blue. I guess the sunshine helps.