Il Mio Ragazzo

With Sean’s first full day in Florence, Sunday, March 11, we both wanted to hit some sites. I started by taking him to my favorite place in the city – the Arno River. We were lucky to have some gorgeous weather. It was just about 70o and sunny as could be! It made the Arno look even better with sun reflecting off the water. We sat on the wall running along side the river for a while catching up on our lives and all the tid bits we have missed out on this semester. With our different schedules and busy lives, communication between us has been scarce so there was a LOT to catch up on. What better place to chat than overlooking the river, soaking up the sun…in Florence?

Although we had lots more stories to tell, we were hungry. We made are way across the Ponte Vecchio to “Gusta Pizza”. This is a very popular pizzeria that I have wanted to try for a while. When we arrived our eyes immediately went to the pizza men flippin’ dough and turning out pizza after pizza. After we made our order, we watched them, mesmerized, until our pizza was ready. They must have made at least 30 pizzas in the ten minutes we stood watching them! They even did some fancy tricks with the pizza dough, knowing we were watching.

As the restaurant was full, we took our pizza to a large open area in front of the Palazzo Pitti where many others were having picnics of their own or just basking in the sun. We shared the classic “Gusta Pizza” with tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula, and parmesan shavings. ‘Twas the best pizza I’ve had yet! The crust was the best – the kind you can only get in Italy J

After our bellies were satisfied, we headed to make the hike up to Piazza Michelangelo as I told Sean it was by far the best view of the city. We got our exercise in and made the hike up to find the Piazza filled with people, vendors, and even musicians. Sean was astonished by the top-of-the-world view – I told him it was the best! After seeing the city from all angles, we joined the crowds on the steps of the Piazza to listen to the concert that was going on, as a woman had her guitar and microphone and was going to town. Looking around us, everyone was hanging out with friends or family, sharing bottles of wine and enjoying the music. It was the perfect atmosphere to watch the sun go down, nice and relaxing.

By the time the sun had set it was time to head to my home stay for dinner. Cristina was nice enough to invite Sean for dinner as I left the house that morning. It was lots of questions and stories from Marco tonight as they were excited to meet “il mio ragazzo”. Unfortunately Sean knows zero Italian! Marco was nice enough to break out his English tonight. My favorite part of dinner was when Cristina asked Sean and me how long we had been dating. I told her we have been dating for four years, since high school. With this information her eyes lit up, for she and Marco had started dating in high school as well. Marco them added, “I hope it works out as well for you, as it did for us.” My host parents are the cutest couple!

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  1. You guys look great. I'm so glad that I can learn more about you did together in Florence. It looks like so much fun.