Leaning in the Direction of Florence

After our flight experience on the way here, we were incredibly nervous for our flight back today, Saturday, March 10. Luckily travel this morning, besides the 4am wake up call, went smoothly without delays. We even had time in the London airport to get some of our favorite Love Bars we enjoyed so much last time. Many thanks to Tiffany for making sure we were the first ones to board…

Because our flight itinerary had us arriving in Pisa so early in the day, with no rush to return to Florence, we planned to see Pisa for the day to conclude our trip. It was just a short 15 minute bus ride from the airport to the Leaning Tower of Pisa – the main attraction we wanted to see. Although we had planned to explore the city for the majority of the day, we were exhausted from our week in Ireland and were carrying all our baggage through Pisa. So we settled for only a little over an hour in Pisa, got our classic pictures with the famous tower and headed back to Florence. That’s really all I needed from Pisa.

After such a good week in Ireland, we were a little disappointed to be back in Italy, but as I returned to my home stay, it was nice to back to my own room and my own bed. But the festivities don’t stop here! For as I was traveling back to Florence, some one else was making his way here as well…Sean Kenney has arrived in Florence! He was nice enough to make the trip and spend his last spring break of college with me in Florence. What better way to welcome him than with gelato by the Duomo with friends Tiffany and Claire! Fun fact – Tiffany and Sean were friends before I met her. They lived on the same floor Sean’s sophomore year! I am so excited to show Sean my daily life here in Italy and the fabulous city of Florence for the entire next week!

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