Galway Girls

Today, Tuesday March 6, was another day in the lovely town of Galway. Not having anything planned, we “putzed” around (as we liked to say), most of the day, going into shops, and taking in the town. Maybe we had a little too much fun in some of the shops…


When lunch time approached we had many options as there were many cute eateries along the streets of Galway. We settled upon a cute vegetarian café  - up my alley much? The drizzly day called for soup and there is no shortage here in Ireland – they are all delicious and so hearty.  I got the soup of the day –  blended vegetable – and a whole wheat apple, raisin, and date scone. Although the soup was good, the scone stole the show! I think it may have won the prize of best scone over the entirety of the trip? And with at least one scone consumed daily, that’s saying something!

After a delicious leisurely lunch, we were back on the town. After stopping into a bookstore, we all decided to buy books to read: The Help for Claire, Sarah's Key for Tiffany, and P.S. I Love You for me, as recommended by the other two. For as we aimed for this trip to be more of a vacation, vacation books are necessary! All excited to get started right away, we headed back to our hostel for a cup of afternoon tea and some relaxing with our new books. Our hostel had a great common area and kitchen with free tea and coffee! I could go for an afternoon tea and reading break every afternoon in Ireland.

Tonight we left quaint Galway and headed to Dublin where we will spend the remainder of our trip. Something about Ireland just seems to agree with us and we are all loving it. I guess we’re Galway Girls at heart!

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