In the Deli Man's Hands

Although I had classes most of the day on Tuesday, March 13, I met Sean during my lunch break and took him to San Lorenzo's market. With us both being foodies, and avid famer’s market goers in the summer, this is one place I knew he would love. Sean was mesmerized by the food stands filled with fresh ingredients. Some had fish, some meat, some any cheese you could imagine, produce, dried fruit and even baked goods! We loved going up and down the rows looking at all the foods people had to offer and tasting samples when possible. We may or may not have tried ten different kinds of biscotti…

After surveying the rows, we decided to try some dried fruits we had never had before. I got passion fruit and kumquats, and Sean got raspberries and blackberries for sharing on the steps outside the market. All were yummy except the kumquats which were just strange and bitter. I don’t think I’ve had one before dried or otherwise. Although I had to run back to class, Sean was able head back to the market for a sandwich. He left all decisions in the deli man’s hands, asking for whatever is the best, and came out with a sandwich with two kinds of salami, pecorino cheese, sundried tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. Salami and cheese used to be my favorite back in the day!

As we were looking into dinner options after my classes had finished, I got a call from my host mom inviting us to dinner - how nice of my host parents. And low and behold one of my favorite dinners yet, a huge Greek salad with too many vegetables to remember them all - never a bad thing in my book! As my host mother brought it out she informed me that she did not dress the salad with any oil, just for me. She had noticed, unlike most Italians, I never add olive oil to my salads. I like to keep it healthy and stick to balsamic vinegar. She knows me so well!

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  1. Yummmmm, the veggies are beautiful and that sandwich looks amazing!