Healthy Partner in Crime

I am so happy to not be sitting alone at the Healthy Monday fruit table for once! Sean was happy to join me at school today and see what this Healthy Monday is all about. He has heard me talk non stop about the program since I started it, so I think he enjoyed being a part of it today for once – my health partner in crime. He even offered to help students pick out the best oranges!

When the fruit was gone we joined my friends Maria and Anna for lunch in the school’s courtyard. It was fun to introduce them all and show Sean who I’d been hanging out with in Florence and finally have them meet the boy they had heard so much about. After basking in the sun for a while, they darted off to class and Sean and I went for a run along the Arno River – keeping with the healthy theme of the day. Running is something we both love to do but don’t always get the chance to do together (although we did run our first half marathon together in 2010!) Plus, with the weather so beautiful and sunny we couldn't help but stay out doors.

 Half Marathon 2010
Upon returning to school, I had just enough time to plan tonight’s Move-it-Monday class of which I taught – an aerobic style Pilates class. I hope everyone enjoyed it!

After another successful Healthy Monday – this one with some company – it was dinner time. After telling my host mom I would not be home for dinner, Sean and I headed to apertivo for a glass of wine and snack foods. After reading my blog posts about the apertivos here in Italy he was eager to try one out. We went back to the cute little place that I pass on my way home from school that I went to a couple weeks ago with friends and of which I still don’t know the name. The cozy atmosphere was the perfect place to continue catching up and the perfect end to our day.

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