One Day?

Looking back on it, so many things happened Wednesday, March 14, I can't believe it was only one day! It started bright an early with a field trip in Italian class. Our professor informed us early in the week that we were going chocolate tasting! Wasn't ideal timing at 10:30 in the morning, but when am I ever to deny chocolate? At a chocolate shop in the centre called “Vestri”, we started by sampling a variety chocolate truffles with different flavor infusions - even one with lavender. I must say they were some of the best chocolates I have ever tasted! After the truffles, we were presents with a cup of gelato with three flavors to taste- yogurt, Nutella and crème. Although not my favorite flavors it was darn good gelato. And just when I thought the tasting had concluded there was more chocolate to be had as we were presented with a small sip of hot chocolate! We had chocolate three different ways today! And what made the field trip better? Sean was able to tag along on this class excursion! What a good day to be in Italian class!

After our taste buds were happy, Sean and I said goodbye to my classmates and embarked on our day exploring Florence! We started by visiting the academia gallery to see the ever famous David by Michelangelo. Although we both aren't big on museums or art, I told Sean he has to see this particular work of art while he's here - its kind of a big deal. Plus I got to see it for the first time! Isn't it funny how you never see the sites of your own city until you have a visitor to show around?

After we checked that off both our lists, we we're off to tour the city - by bike! Florence has a great bike rental service for only one euro per hour. It’s so easy, so cheap, and so fun! It made getting from place to place so fast allowing us to cover a lot of ground.

We biked through the city, stopping at a grocery store to pick up some lunch ingredients – a baguette, pesto, ricotta, prosciutto, and wine. It all made for the perfect picnic by the Arno! And...

I tasted meat for the first time in over three years of being a vegetarian! I thought about trying it for a while, just because it is suppose to be so good here, and finally decided to today! I sometimes feel as if I am missing out on some of the food and cultural experiences of Italy because I don’t eat meat, like prosciutto. I was surprised that I liked it, although not good enough to make me want to go back to meat full time. Over all a good one time experience – and a lovely picnic!

Tonight was Sean’s last night eating dinner at my home stay – can you believe my host parents invited him over three different nights?! They are so generous. At our previous dinner Cristina had asked Sean his preferences because she wanted to make his favorites for dinner tonight. After some suggestions from Sean, the menu came out to be pesto linguine, salmon, and salad. He loved it!

 As dinner concluded my host father had plans of his own for the four of us for dessert, for Ali, Sean, my host father, and I were about to embark on the Tour of Gelato! Marco gave us the run down of events earlier in the week as he explained the plan to us many times over dinner with excitement. We would get in his car and go to three different gelaterias in the area, getting a small gelato at each one: the Tour of Gelato! (as he named it). So we all piled into small Italian car after dinner, executing the plan to perfection. Marco helped us all pick out the best flavors at each destination, and told us his favorites – he’s a dark chocolate lover. Although I hate to say I could not finish my last gelato, the whole night was great fun. Thanks to my host father for the Tour of Gelato!

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