Let them Wear Shorts

Today, March 20, is the start of spring and, my, what gorgeous weather it brings! As cold and awful it was in the beginning of the semester, the weather is equally as wonderful now! Sunny and 70s all week! It’s amazing how many more people are out when the sun is shining…

I celebrated the warm weather by running in the afternoon, basking in the sun during lunch, and breaking out my shorts! I LOVE SHORTS. If given the choice I might never wear pants again. Pants are so constricting and uncomfortable, where as in my shorts my legs can be free. Although I love the fall, I despise the day when it is just too cold to wear shorts any longer and the days of easily slipping on some shorts are taken over by squeezing into pants day after day.

Unfortunately the Italians do not feel the same way. For despite the 75 degree weather, they are still sporting their scarves, jackets, and even their puffy down coats. Are they not sweating in there? Despite my thinking that warm weather is an obvious excuse for shorts, I have gotten some strange looks from the locals that I know translate to their thoughts “She doesn’t belong.” When I walked into Italian class one day sporting my summer bottoms, my professor informed me I look very, “American.” Do Italians not like their legs to be free? Despite the looks, the shorts have been broken out of the closet, and once they’re out, they don’t go back in until that sad, sad day in fall.

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