Picnic in Fashion

For me, Thursday's mean I get to fill a void in my life - cooking! Today I headed to the kitchen after Italian class to help prepare the meal for Sharing Thursday where students and teachers come together to share a meal with the homeless people of Florence. On the lunch menu was minestrone soup which had been previously prepared by Vittoria, the volunteer coordinator and creator of the Sharing Thursday program. Vittoria added lots of veggies to her soup and prepared it without oil. She said the healthy meal was in honor of me and my Healthy Mondays - how nice! For dessert I helped prepare an apple cake with our school’s cook Maibritt.

Everything was a big hit and serving was morally rewarding as always. We are even starting to have “regulars” for our lunches as one man sat in the piazza for an hour, waiting for us to arrive with a hot meal. Besides getting my cooking fix, I love how sharing Thursdays provide me the opportunity to connect with the Florentine community while practicing my Italian. It is truly a great program!

After lunch in the piazza, I got to continue enjoying the wonderful weather we are having by walking to the center with my history class. Today my teacher brought us all to the Gucci museum! For in the midst of old buildings, renaissance history, and art in Florence, there is the history of fashion! We were guided through rooms filled with Gucci jewelry, luggage, dresses and even cars! I think my favorite room was the one with Gucci dresses worn by Hollywood stars…or the room with the Gucci picnic set - who knew you could picnic in fashion?


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