Movie worthy Ending

Today, Sunday March 19, I was up early to meet Sean and say our final goodbyes, as he had an early flight to catch. I walked him to the bus stop near his hostel, and before we knew it the bus pulled up and he was swept away all too quickly. When the bus was out of site, I sadly turned back to head home when I looked down and saw that I was still holding Sean’s bag of snacks! As I started to leave thinking “That’s such a bummer” other thoughts started going through my head like “It’s too bad he won’t have any snacks…wait he didn’t even eat breakfast…he has 15 hours of travel…he’s going to need snacks…he’s going to have to buy snacks…he’s going to have to spend at least 20 Euro on expensive airport food…”. At that point I knew I had to try and catch him before he got to the airport. I had to at least try. On instinct I started running in the direction of his only to realize it was completely pointless because the bus was way too far ahead. So I impatiently waited at the bus stop for the next bus.

When it finally came, I hopped on, with 2 euro in hand to buy my ticket onboard. When the bus driver told me he ran out of tickets, I knew I did not have the time to find the nearest tabacchi, buy a ticket, and wait for the next bus to come. So I stayed on the bus, deciding to “risk it”. The bus pulled out and I started to head to the train station, ticketless, nervous and ready to jump off the bus at the first sight of a patrol man. My nerves were eased as we arrived at the station, and no one had come to check my lack of bus ticket. I thought of my chances of finding Sean through the see of people at the train station, before his bus to the airport departed – not likely. Miraculously, upon stepping off the bus, my eyes immediately went to the word “aeropuerto” printed on the front of a bus. As I made my way toward it my heart sank for it appeared it was empty, but as I got closer my eyes were able to make out a lone person in the front of the bus – it was my Sean!

As I reached the door, Sean came out to meet me, surprised at why I was there but happy to see me at the same time. “You forgot your snacks,” I said to him simply, holding up the bag he had left behind. He responded with a big hug for as much as he was happy to have food for the long hours of travel ahead of him, I think he was happier to see me, as we both agreed the first bus came far too quickly for a real goodbye. As bus driver started the engine, I gave him one last squeeze before he had to resume his seat on the bus. With a final wave, the bus was off and Sean was gone – this time for good. Finding myself standing alone at the train station, this time with no snacks in hand, I headed home reflecting on the wonderful week I had spent with Sean.

See you in 8 weeks ragazzo!


  1. This has been one of my favorite stories to tell those back in the states. So happy it made it into the blog! Looking back, I am so glad I forgot my snack bag with Ellen at the bus stop that morning.

  2. Great, great story. And such resolve to find Sean, feed him - and, of course, save him some $$$.

  3. Ellen, we are sitting at grandma and grandpa's reading your beautiful blog...........we love it......we love you!!!!!
    Love, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Anne, Rachel, Aunt Chrissy, Matthew and Luke~

  4. It made me cry...good tears though! I glad you love my boy, Ellen.