Chianti Trips and Red Wine Sips

Along with helping out with Healthy Monday, Sean was eager to help me cook lunch for Sharing Thursday. Wow, there’s really something for everyday of the week here huh? On the menu today was baked penne with broccoli and béchamel sauce and a strawberry Crostata. Sean and I love cooking together so this was a real treat!

After serving and sharing lunch with the Florentines, we were quickly off to catch a bus to Chianti, for we had wine tasting plans today! On the hour bus ride there, the winding roads and small stuffy bus did not bode well for this one (who has discovered this semester she gets car sick easily). I was relieved when we finally arrived at the winery. We started out exploring the castle grounds and checking out the amazing view of vineyard covered hillsides.

After a tour of the premises, learning how they produce and store their wine, we were presented with our tasting. We got to try to three different wines: Chianti classic, aged Chianti, and a dessert wine. The reds were served with snacks of cheese, bruschetta, and bread with olive oil while we got biscotti to nibble on with the dessert wine – it tasted like caramel!

Back in Florence, we had dinner reservations at “Pizzaiuolo” to get to! With their pizza man from Naples, this is one of the best pizzerias in town! Along with some house wine, we shared two entrees: a pizza with artichokes, mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan, and an arugula salad. The pizza crust was so doughy and delicious. They are not lying when they say this pizza is the best!

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