She was a Day Tripper

Today’s events involved a day trip! Sean and I met up at the train station early in the morning to catch a train to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre (literally meaning “five grounds”) is made of five small cities along the eastern coast of Italy. Upon planning our trip, Sean and I had looked at gorgeous pictures of beautiful mountains, sandy beaches, and clear blue ocean waters.

We were excited for a day of hiking and laying on the beach taking in the gorgeous views. Unfortunately our ambitions were ruined by one uncontrollable, minor detail: the weather. Although nothing terrible, when we arrived, the weather in Cinque Terre was not the hot and sunny day we had imagined as the sky was cloudy and breezes were chilly. There would be no tanning on the beach for us today.

So in stead of soaking up the sun we heading on an adventure hike! – An old favorite thing to do together from our high school days. We followed a trail that winding up the side of one of the town many large mountains.  It’s so fun to be outdoorsy! Towards the top, we were welcomed by some amazing views of the ocean.

After our hike we bopped around between the five cities exploring their small towns, but ultimately got slightly bored. We decided that this would be the perfect destination if it was sunny and hot, but for our day trip it was more than slightly disappointing. At least our dinner salad was not! With arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella and olives our dinner salads made our experience a little better, but only a little.

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