(Not so) Healthy Monday

After an active week showing Sean around Florence, I woke up on Monday March 19, feeling…well…not so healthy. My head was aching, throat sore, and sinuses about to combust at any moment – or so it felt like. It was really no surprise to me for Ali had had the same symptoms yesterday and living in such tight quarters, there’s not much we don’t share. At least we can suffer together!

Despite our host mother’s suggestion, Ali and I went to school and attempted to carry on our normal Mondays which means Healthy Monday events for me and Uffizi internship for her. Unfortunately after handing out fruit and taking in some Vitamin C myself, I did not feel any better. On top of this our scheduled Tai Chi instructor for tonight’s “Move-it-Monday” class canceled on me. Luckily, we have a student Zumba instructor that can be ready at a moments notice!  A big thank you to Alex for saving the day with Zumba!

After making sure the class would go off without a hitch, I could not bear the thought of staying at school for the next five hours to workout, so I went home. Upon arriving home early, my host mom took great care of me making me green tea with honey and asking if I would like something special for dinner. I of course requested soup, as everyone knows that is quite possibly the best meal when you are feeling under the weather. So it was vegetable soup and salad for dinner – light, healthy and exactly what I needed. I hope these sickies don’t stick for long, but if means dinners like these, maybe I wouldn’t mind them staying a few more days…

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